Thursday, October 13, 2011

Campus Chaos Results and Standings!!!
Results from 10/13/2011

1. Mike Michetti: 20pts
2. Alex Kumpf: 18pts
3. Tony Damhoff: 16pts
4. Randy Peterson: 14pts
5. Ben Morris: 12pts
6. Leif Byrge-Liebig: 10pts
7. Jacob Musha: 9pts
8. Kevin Thum: 8pts
9. Joe Nolan: 7pts
10. Kevin Bates: 6pts
11. Phil Couturier: 5pts

Standings after 3 races

1. Mike M: 60pts
2. Alex K: 54pts
3. Tony D: 47pts
4. Leif B-L: 45pts
5. Ben M: 35pts
6. Jacob M: 29pts
7. Randy P: 28pts
8. Nate J: 22pts
9. Kyle W/ Nate Z: 18pts
10. Joe N: 17pts
11. Tim I: 15pts
12. Kevin B: 14pts
13. Phil C/Shawn H: 12pts
14. Kevin T/Andy C: 8pts
15. Troy W: 5pts

There are still two weeks left to come out and get points on the board, including our Costume Chaos race on October 27th! Extra points for wearing a halloween costume! Remember, anyone who races gets to celebrate at Steve's Pizza with the club after the final race where prizes will be awarded. Come out and race!

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KAT said...

Way to go Ben M.!