Monday, February 28, 2011

Lindsey Wilson Race Weekend

First Race of the Year
Staging for the road race
Max on the finishing climb. The Cat A men did 75 miles
Heading to the finish

Max in Sunday's crit
Tony races the crit
Mike had a first place and a fourth place to show for his first two road races
Ben races Sunday after crashing hard Saturday
Jacob was also enjoying his first weekend of road racing

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Jerseys Have Entered the Building:

Introducing the "King of the Mountain" Tee:

UW-Platteville Cycling Logo on upper back of tee

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Daily Pioneer: UW-Platteville Cycling Club wins Cycling King of Style Collegiate Jersey Design contest

PLATTEVILLE – The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Cycling Club recently earned the Cycling King of Style Collegiate Jersey Design award given by the USA Cycling organization to the college that creates the most unique and visually appealing jersey for its team.

Max Anderson, UW-Platteville Cycling Club president and mechanical engineering major from Waukesha, and Tony Damhoff, a mechanical engineering major from Morrison, Ill., created the jersey based off of Anderson’s design concept. Damhoff created the graphics and sent them to Champ Systems, a company that generates a proof to create the jersey. The design is an orange and white plaid with jean style shorts. Anderson and Damhoff said they created the jersey because it fits with the pioneer theme, but they also like western-cut clothing. They also felt that creating this unique design would help the team stand out in races.

Ted King, the self-proclaimed King of Style and professional cyclist, critiques the jerseys entered into the contest and places the top three on the USA Cycling website.

“These fleeting four years are the unique time for shorn-legged collegiate cyclists to embrace their baccalaurean antics, maintain a steady (albeit skewed) balancing act between athletics and academia, and still have an amazing time in the process,” King wrote on the website. “The winning kit embodied these principles to a degree unreached by the other institutes of higher learning. This school embraced their mascot and rode away with it, which was an oft’ overlooked practice in this competition. Plus they used denim. And plaid.”

With many of the participants coming from some of the largest schools in the nation, Anderson feels that this award has an added importance. “Even underdogs can succeed,” he said.

The cycling team received a jersey signed by King in addition to the recognition of designing the best jersey. “This means a lot to us because every other school in the nation will be looking at UW-Platteville,” said Damhoff.

Written by: Sarah Kessler, UW-Platteville Office of Public Relations,

Friday, February 4, 2011


What does the cycling club do on their day off from school? Ride their bikes of course

This is what we had to deal with heading out of town

Most of the "ride" was spent hiking through snow,
sometimes only a few inches, other times up to 4 feet

A rare stretch of pavement. The guy in the house in
the background warned of 5 foot drifts ahead

One of those drifts has Cory buried up to his waist

The solution? Tunnel yourself out

Once Cory dug himself out, we decided it was time
for a break

Time to relax

We Made It! You can't tell in this picture, but
beneath that snow is the world's largest M


At the top!

Time for a breather, that was hard work. Now
time to go back!