Monday, January 21, 2008

Spring Road Season

23-Feb-08 Ohio State Road
24-Feb-08 Ohio State Crit
1-Mar-08 DePauw Road
2-Mar-08 DePauw Crit
8-Mar-08 Mizzou Road
9-Mar-08 Lindenwood Crit
22-Mar-08 Pitt***
23-Mar-08 CMU*** (Easter)
29-Mar-08 MSU Road
30-Mar-08 UM Crit & TTT
5-Apr-08 Marian Crit
6-Apr-08 Purdue Road and TTT

MWCCC Regionals
19-Apr-08 UW Milwaukee Road
20-Apr-08 UW Madison Crit & TTT

***Combined ECCC/MWCCC race hosted by ECCC clubs on Easter weekend. MWCCC
riders will be eligible for to score conference points, unlike at other
non-MWCCC events where points will not count to MWCCC rankings.***

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