Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thanks For Coming Out

I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who came out and raced this weekend. I hope everyone had a good time. People like you guys are why putting on a race can be so enjoyable and you guys are why this is the second year we put on this event. We also raised some money for the UWP cycling club which helps us maintain the trails and do things that the state budget crunch wont let us do normally.
Also I would like to remind everyone about the sweet picture CDs that Mark Hirsch is put together over the weekend. Mark is a pro photographer and it shows. If you want the feeling you had while ridding the trials to continue Marks photos are one way to continue that feeling. Every time I look at them it brings back the race feeling. They are artistic and creative and not your run of the mill race shots. If you would like to purchase a weekends worth of pics for 10 dollars you can contact Mark through his website at bellow are a few shots he quickly sent me for examples.

Thanks for coming out



Jason said...

Where did this event take place? What type of trail does it compare to around Southern Wisconsin? Blue Mounds? Camrock 3? The Kettles? Devil's Head?

Carlos said...

the race was great, fantastic and technical course, I really had to much fun.
To bad wors doesn't have this kind of race courses.
Thanks anyway and for sure I'll be there next year.